Day Thirty-One of Thirty-Five

I did a couple of minor tweaks (multiple colours within the large shapes and drawing them over the rest rather than behind) and I coerced some of the parameters to refine the output, but otherwise it's the same program as the last few days. Overall, I'm happy with the variety I'm getting out of this code and I feel I have mostly achieved what I set out to do when I re-evaluated my goal halfway through the project. The quality of the output isn't as consistent as I thought I'd get to, but in return I get more variety and surprises.

This is going to be the last piece in the series with the bubblegum colour palette, though I am still loving it! With four days to go, I've decided to revisit my conclusion that generating a colour palette isn't realistic. I've come across a promising technique that seems to allow for the creation of consistently workable palettes. At the very least it may be a good tool for discovery.

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