Day Twelve of Thirty-Five

I combined most aspects of day eight with the patterns of days nine and ten to create something that feels a bit like outer space (which kind of fits with yesterday's rushed effort). I also tried to add a few more colours, which is not something I'm yet comfortable with - most of my previous work has been in black and white.

In previous days I applied a lot of constraints to the placement of the main elements, going as far as just specifying their location. Today I decided to leave it to randomness (within the constraints of the circle packing algorithm) and it's been quite frustrating. So far I've found that manually specifying the overall composition whilst using randomness for the detail to be the most successful approach, with the caveat that any particular result is very rarely surprising.

This daily challenge is really putting my latest workflow to the test and I'm rather happy with it. I'm able to freely modify my code without fear of losing track of a good idea and can easily revisit previous versions and pull out specific aspects I want to incorporate.

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