Thirty-Five - A Personal Challenge

When it comes to personal projects, I've often struggled with consistency and taking things through to completion. For that reason, it felt like a huge achievement when I released my game at the end of last year. I kept the scope small and didn't let perfect get in the way of done; it's out and has found a small set of players with whom it has resonated.

When it comes to creating generative art, I often hit what feels like a local maximum with an idea and struggle to either fully refine it or explore another direction altogether, leaving the work in a sort of limbo state where I neither see it as complete and worth sharing, nor ripe for further exploration.

I'm going to try something to change that. Tomorrow I am turning 35 years old. I intend to post one piece a day for 35 days, all from the same evolving codebase. I'm not putting any other restrictions on myself - the goal is simply quantity and consistency. Let's see where it takes me.

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