Dominic Freeston

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I’m a software developer with 10 years of experience building consumer facing products in cross-functional teams. I’m mission driven and care deeply about creating open and communicative team dynamics. I enjoy collaborating with design and product to create beautiful, functional and polished experiences.


2021-Current Senior Software Developer; LoveShark; London, UK

2017-2021 Senior Software Engineer; Memrise; London, UK

2015-2017 iOS Developer; Novoda; London, UK

2014-2015 iOS Developer; Many Things; London, UK

2012-2014 iOS Developer; Kaldor Group (now Pugpig); London, UK

2010-2011 Teaching Assistant; Queen Mary University of London; London, UK

Personal Projects

The Wallslider

iOS and Android retro-inspired game built in Godot with a leaderboard powered by a Clojure backend and Postgres database.


Downloadable unique generative art pieces suitable for a pen plotter, created in Clojure with a sprinkle of htmx and hyperscript on the frontend for some progressive enhancement.


Thirty-Five days of Clojure generative art


2009-2011 Queen Mary University of London, UK

2005-2009 University of York, UK